How to insert § in Word Online?

Are you aware of adding a silcrow sign in the Word? Follow this tutorial to learn how to use the silcrow § symbol in Word. It is a typographical character used to identify certain sections of a document. This shape is derived from the double “s” or signum sections in Latin, which means section symbol.

Continue reading this tutorial to see how to add this sign in Microsoft Word.

How to insert § in Word Online?

Follow the below steps on how to insert § in Word. A space should be used immediately after a section mark to prevent the symbol and number from split across two lines.

  • Keep the cursor on your document where you want to insert the § symbol.
  • Click on the Insert tab.
  • Click on the Symbol icon in the Symbols section of the menu.
  • A drop-down menu will appear, and you can select More Symbols at the bottom of the list.
  • Choose the Special Characters option and click the Section symbol.
Section symbol in Word

Now, the Section symbol will be inserted in the Word Online.

Note: – If the symbol is not shown in Word online, you can copy and paste or use shortcut alt 0167 on the keyboard to get the silcrow symbol in Microsoft Word.

How to insert § in Word for Mac?

Here are the steps you can follow when trying to add the § symbol into a Word document on Mac laptops and desktops.

  • Open the Word document you want to work on. You can also open Word and search for the document or create a new document from the home screen.
  • Click on Insert at the top of the document.
How to insert § in Word for Mac?
  • Go to the section titled Symbols and click on the arrow.
  • You will have a dropdown menu.
  • From the options click on the Advanced Symbol button.
  • You will now have a popup menu with all the symbols that can be added to the document.
How to insert § in Word for Mac?
  • Go to the symbols section of the menu.
  • Scroll through the options and click on §.
  • Once you have selected the symbol click on Insert.
  • The symbol will now appear in the document where the cursor is.

Now, the symbol will added to the Mac device in Word Online.

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How to insert special characters in Word with a keyboard?

Many symbols can be added to a document from one place. Using the Symbol dialogue box, all twenty-seven special characters can be added to the document along with other symbols. This section looks at how to add symbols to a document. Many symbols can be added to the document. The above-explained steps are in the system. Below are the points where you can use the shortcut keys to use the symbol in Microsoft Word.

  • Your cursor should be placed where the special character is to be inserted. Do this by clicking on the spot.
  • On your keyboard, press the necessary combination of keys.
  • Alt + Ctrl + Num – Em Dash (Alt plus Ctrl plus the minus sign on the number pad)
  • Ctrl + Num – for an en dash. 

(Ctrl plus the minus sign on the number pad)

  • Hyphen without breaking: Ctrl + Shift + (Ctrl plus Shift plus underscore)
  • Hyphen, if desired: Ctrl + – (Ctrl plus hyphen)
  • Nonbreaking: Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar to use space
  • Copyright:  Alt + Ctrl + C
  • Registered:  Alt + Ctrl + R
  • Trademark:  Alt + Ctrl + T
  • Ellipsis:  Alt + Ctrl + . (Alt plus Ctrl plus period)
  • Single Opening Quote:  Ctrl + `,`(Ctrl plus two grave accents)
  • Single Closing Quote:  Ctrl + ‘,’ (Ctrl plus two single quotation marks)
  • Double Opening Quote:  Ctrl + ` , Shift + ‘ (Ctrl plus one grave accent followed by Shift plus one single quotation mark)
  • Double Closing Quote:  Ctrl + ‘, Shift + ‘ (Ctrl plus one single quotation mark followed by Shift plus one single quotation mark)

How to Insert Symbols in Word Mobile?

It is convenient to work on mobile devices. It gives you the flexibility of working on the go. Here is how you can insert symbols into the Word document you are working on from your mobile device.

  • Download and open the Word application for phones and tablets.
  • Keep the cursor where you want to get the symbol.
  • On phones, symbols, smilies, and other characters can be added to the document from the keyboard itself.
  • Press and hold the correct key until a collection of unique characters or symbols appears to see them.
  • You can then add the character or symbol to your document.

How to copy and paste § in Word Online

Sometimes you have the symbol already added to the document or need to use it multiple times. At times like these, you can copy the § and paste it wherever you want to insert it. Follow these steps.

  • To copy the symbol, select the symbol/word using the mouse by left-clicking and dragging across the symbol.
  • You can right-click the highlighted symbol and select the copy option from the drop-down menu.
  • Alternatively, you could use the keyboard. Use the key combination Ctrl + C to copy the symbol on Windows devices or Command + C for Mac.

Once you have copied the symbol you can paste it anywhere in the document or other documents.

  • To paste click where you would like to add the symbol.
  • You can right-click and select paste from the drop-down menu.
  • Alternatively, use Command + V on Mac and Ctrl + V on Windows.

How to insert § in Word for Windows?

Here is how to add the § symbol in Word for Windows.

  • Click where you would like to insert the symbol.
  • Go to insert in the top ribbon of the document. Go to the symbol section.
  • From here you can go to advanced symbols.
  • A popup menu will appear with all the symbols available.
  • Scroll through the menu and select the § symbol.
  • Click on Insert to add it to the document.

You can also add the § symbol using alt tabs. You can use the keyboard shortcut “Alt + 0167” to insert the § symbol into your document. Just make sure your cursor is in the right place before you use the keyboard shortcut.


This tutorial article looked at how to insert § in Word online. There are two main methods, one is from the insert menu and the other by using the keyboard. The article also looked at inserting the symbol on mobile devices.

Hope you found this article helpful and interesting. Check out similar articles here.