How to Double Space in Word Online? [2 Ways]

How to double space in word online

Giving the proper spacing in Word makes the user easier to read. In this tutorial, I will explain how to double space in Word. We will discuss different ways of double spacing in words through the Layout option. Apart from that, I will tell you through design option in double space in Word and how …

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3 Ways to Insert Line in Word Online

Lines in Microsoft Word

This Word online article explains how to add a line in Word and three different ways to insert lines in Word online. Also, we will see how to format lines in Microsoft Word online and insert horizontal and vertical lines in Word online with examples. Additionally, I will explain how to add a line in …

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How to insert equation in word online?

You know we can insert equations in Word? Yes. Continue reading this simple Word tips and tricks tutorial to know it. Microsoft is a tool for simply creating document files, namely articles, and project files. Microsoft Word makes the document more attractive as compared to paper or file work by providing different features such as …

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How to Add Columns in Word Online?

How to add columns in word online

Microsoft Office is a great tool. It provides the features you require while editing and sharing Word documents. In the online version, it has only basic features. Is it possible to add columns in Word online? Follow this workaround method to know how to add columns in Microsoft Word Online. The picture below gives you …

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How to Insert Text Box in Word Online?

How to insert text box in word online

Text boxes are generally used to highlight specific text in a document. We can put it anywhere in the Word document. There are several advantages of adding a text box in Word. By using the text box, you can create a block of the text that appears above, below, or around the pictures, charts, or …

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How to Sign a Document in Word Online?

How to sign a document in Word Online

Have you tried signing a document in Word Online? If not, then follow these simple word tips and tricks to sign in a Word document. In this remote world, users are searching for signing documents online. Luckily, there is an answer to this. This tutorial explains how to sign a document in Word Online and …

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Word Two Pages Side by Side[How to Print]

print two pages side by side in Word

Word two pages side by side in Microsoft Word is a useful feature when you want to compare two documents, and view pages simultaneously for reference. Whether you are a student, professional, or frequent user of Word using this technique will increase your productivity and efficiency when working with Word documents. This tutorial article explains …

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How to add line numbers in Word Online?

how to add line numbers in a word document

Microsoft Word is used for professional use and storing documents for legal procedures. Microsoft Word features enable you to keep track of several lines. Microsoft Word keeps track of the number of characters and words automatically and shows them to the user, but it doesn’t show the line numbers. Let’s get started here you will …

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How to turn on spell check in Word Online?

turn on spell check in Word Online

Have you tried the spell check feature in Word Online? If not, this is an excellent feature of Microsoft Word to use in the Word document. Spell check is the most helpful feature. Whenever you are typing in Word, you will have a red line of error if it is a spelling mistake. Maximum, it …

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How to insert § in Word Online?

How to insert § in Word Online

Are you aware of adding a silcrow sign in the Word? Follow this tutorial to learn how to use the silcrow § symbol in Word. It is a typographical character used to identify certain sections of a document. This shape is derived from the double “s” or signum sections in Latin, which means section symbol. …

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