How to Sign a Document in Word Online?

Have you tried signing a document in Word Online? If not, then follow these simple word tips and tricks to sign in a Word document.

In this remote world, users are searching for signing documents online. Luckily, there is an answer to this. This tutorial explains how to sign a document in Word Online and also on a mobile device.

Save the Word Document as PDF

Before signing in to the Word document, it is better to save that particular document as a PDF. There is a chance that documents can be modified which means they can be modified by someone who can make the changes easier after you have signed them.

Making a Word document as a PDF is a wise idea since it makes our document safer. You can easily change to PDF from Word by clicking File->Save As->select PDF. You can also do it online by changing Word to PDF converter. [Since this is optional and entirely based on the user’s choice].

How to Add Handwritten Signature in Word

To insert a handwritten signature in the Word, follow the below steps. If you have a signature in handy you can insert it right away otherwise, create a signature first.

  • Take a blank sheet of paper.
  • Sign in on the paper. For the safe zone, you can sign it two to three times separately so that you can choose the best one.
  • Save the picture as PNG, JPG, or .bmp – This will not have any issue while uploading them.
  • Once you have the signature ready all you need to do is upload it to Word online

How to Create a Signature in Word

Now it’s time to create a signature in the Word document. Follow the below steps to do so. The below steps will apply to both the Word Online version and the desktop version as well.

  • Click the Insert->Picture option to add the signature in Word.
  • The options include This Device – that’s the computer you are working on, One Drive – that’s the online cloud storage, Stock Images – these are generally saved on your computer and Bling pictures – which need to be uploaded.
  • Select the option that you want to add.
Add signature in Word

The best option is to open Word online > Go to Insert > Pictures > Insert Picture from and select This Device.

Edit a Signature in Word Online

Once you have the picture uploaded you can edit it, resize it, and alter it to suit your needs. this can be done by clicking on the picture.

  • Select the image and resize it by clicking and dragging the dots on the corner of the picture.
  • If you think the blank space around the signature is too much, you can crop the image.
Add signature in the Microsoft Word
  • Now the signature has been added in the Word document after resizing the image.
Signature added in Microsoft Word

By doing this, we can add the signature manually in the Word document.

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Insert Digital Signature in Word Online

You can use a digital signature in Word. However, there is no option of using Word Online since it is a free service. If you want to use it, you can purchase the subscription or you can go for a desktop application. Here is how it is done.

  • Open Microsoft Word on your desktop and open the document you need to add a signature.
  • Click on Insert and go to the Signature Line option.
  • Click on the arrow and select Microsoft Office Signature Line.
  • Fill in the details and tick the appropriate boxes
  • Click on OK and your changes will be saved.
Add digital signature in Word
  • Now Signature Setup page will appear.
  • Fill in the details and tick the appropriate boxes
  • Click on OK and your changes will be saved.
Digital signature in Word
  • Here the signature is visible in the Word based on our details entered.
Digital sign in Microsoft Word

This is how we have to add the digital signature in Microsoft Word.

How to Insert a Signature to Word Online on an Android Device?

Similar to Word Online and desktop versions, inserting a signature to Word on an Android device is an easy and few-step method. Follow these simple steps and it should be done in no time. You will need to do a little prep work first.

Initially, take a piece of paper and sign it then take a click and save it to the gallery. Make sure to have a clear image of two or three to choose the best one.

  • Open the Word online document that requires a signature to be added.
  • Click on the place where you want to add the signature.
  • Click on the edit option on the top left corner of the screen/document.
  • You will have an editing menu at the bottom.
How to sign a document online in word
How to insert a signature to word online on Android Device
  • Click on the arrows near the home button.
  • Select Insert.
  • Scroll down to pictures and select it.
How to sign a document online in word
Insert a signature to word online on Android Device
  • Under pictures, you will have two options either inserting a picture from the photo gallery or taking a new picture
  • Select any one option
  • Edit the image to fit it into your document
  • Click on the tick to save the changes made to the document.


I hope this simple Word trips and tricks tutorial helped you out with how to create and add signatures in Word both manually and digitally. You can now insert signatures in Word online documents with ease.

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