Word Online vs Google Docs

Do you want to see the comparison for the Word online vs Google Docs? Then follow with me to get to know the clarity of both cloud-based documents.

Whenever we think about documents, what do we immediately think in our minds? Microsoft Word right? Because this is the one we have known for longer days. We used Word at some point in life like in business, home users, students, etc.

Both are familiar cloud-based word processors that allow users to create, edit, and collaborate on documents online Word and Google Docs. Even though there might be some similarities, there are also some limitations.

Here is a practical comparison whether you can decide which is better for you and your business. Continue reading to know more.

Word Online vs Google Docs

Google Docs and Word Online are both web-based services that are available to users on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Though these services are similar they have major differences. This section looks at the differences between Google Docs and Word online. Let’s get into comparison.

File Compatibility

Google Docs is made to function with Google’s document format. Users can create and edit documents using the formatting tools available.

The most popular word processing formats namely Word, PDF, and Rich Text are flexible with Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Word Online vs Google Docs

Google Docs can be downloaded in several document formats, they excel at posting documents as web pages. Layout and formatting can be lost in translation, and Microsoft Word has some limits in performing.

Word Online vs Google Docs

This makes it easier to work with. For Word Online, it is made to work with Microsoft Word documents. It will capture all the editing options from the source file.

File Compatibility

While saving the documents, Word online is best because you have more options to save the documents. Go to Save As and you have a list of formats that you can save the document in.

Sharing Options

Microsoft supports web-based editing and sharing, and Word contains editing and markup features for team editing and sharing. Moreover, it is a little difficult, and not aware of it.

When comes to creating and sharing documents worldwide with just a few clicks. Also, it has some limitations in sending the files as attachments.

Word Online vs Google Docs

Word documents could only be shared with certain contacts, and users of Google Docs have easy control over editing, commenting, or even accessing the document as well.

However, Word now seems to have caught up to Docs in this area. Users of Google Docs who choose the Share button in Word would see sharing options. This includes the ability to copy a link to the document, that now remarkably resembles those available in Docs.

Cost Comparison

For individual and personal use, Google Docs are free to access and use. Moreover, a Google Workspace is offered at the starting rate of $6 per user.

For a one-time payment of $150, Microsoft Office’s regular standalone version is offered. This version can only be installed on one machine. Microsoft 365 Personal is a one-person membership that costs $7 per month or $70 per year. It allows for “up to five devices simultaneously.”

You might be able to get a free copy through your place of employment or educational institution. Unfortunately, the majority of users must pay at least something for Word.


When it comes to the user interface Word is a little complicated for new users. This being said it excels in features. You have a large number of options in Word and hence it gets a little complicated to find them.

For the user interface, Word is a little difficult for new users. This is excellent in features. You have more options in Word and it is complicated to find them.

Conversely, Google Docs are more constrained in terms of options while being quite easy to learn.

Word Online vs Google Docs comparision

There is not much to the Word user interface beyond the typical text formatting tools and a few extras like tables, rulers, page numbers, and footnotes. Simpler is better in terms of user learning and usability.

Although Microsoft has made an effort to simplify Word’s user interface in recent years, it still retains some awkwardness. Google Docs includes all the tools you need to create a readily accessible document.


Templates - Google docs vs Word online

Both programs offer hundreds of templates that can be used to create documents. Word Online offers more templates as compared to Google Docs.

Software Accessing

Word is accessed through the desktop applications on PC. While it can accessed through a web browser, the online version does not have access to all the features of the desktop application.

Word on the web is better if you want to quickly access documents and data, but for full functionality, it is advisable to use it in the desktop application.

Google Docs can only be accessed through a web browser, and stored on Google’s servers. This means that you will need an internet connection to use Google Docs, while Word can be used offline. Of course, if your Word documents are stored in OneDrive, SharePoint, or another Cloud service, you will need an internet connection to access them.

From Google Docs and Word Online which is the better option for me?

It can be challenging to switch from Microsoft Word to another word processor after using it for so long. The educational sector and many job businesses use Word as their standard, it is a commonly used standard file.

You can use Word at work and then upload the file to Google Docs at home. There may be compatibility or formatting issues.

It’s crucial to consider whether you wish to readily share files with others. Or whether you only need a straightforward word editor. Choose Google Docs if you need to collaborate with others or work in the cloud for the best backup possibilities.

However, you can enjoy using both programs as Google Docs is free. Word is routinely provided to users by employers and educational institutions.

Is Google Docs easier than Word online?

This depends upon the users and what they use the program for. If you are straightforward, then Google Docs will be convenient. Because it doesn’t have options and it is not cluttered.

When it comes to using the features and formatting tools Word Online has more options.


Hope this tutorial covered enough information regarding your confusion in comparison of Word and Google Docs. It looked at the differences in terms of compatibility, saving formats, costs, etc. It is safe to say that if you are looking for a well-rounded option to create edit and share documents go for Word online.

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