How to make a brochure on Microsoft Word Online?

Microsoft Word is a popular software program that professionals use to create handouts notes etc. Microsoft Word offers numerous templates for professionals to choose resumes, cover letters, and business reports.

Brochures are the best tool to spread awareness about the event, showing your products to the customer, etc.

If you are on the marketing side, then you might be aware of using brochures. Continue reading this tutorial to learn how to execute this brochure task. You can easily design a professional, eye-catching brochure in Microsoft Word Online.

How to make a brochure on Microsoft Word Online?

Here are the steps to create a brochure using Microsoft Word online.

  • Login to Word online and go to the home page.
  • Once you log in to the website, from the list of options click Word.
How to make a brochure on Microsoft Word Online?
  • Click New and type Brochures in the search box to see the list of templates for the brochures. c
Brochure in Word
  • Click on Explore all templates to create a brochure if you are not looking for the one you need.
How to make a brochure on Microsoft Word Online?
  • You will now see an extended list of templates that can be used.
  • Click on the particular brochure and click Create to make the changes.
Brochure in Microsoft Word
  • Once you have the template open you can make changes and add the content you would like to showcase.
  • Use the formatting options available to personalize the template to suit your requirements.
  • Once the template is ready save it.
  • To save click on the save icon in the top ribbon of the document.
Brochure in the Microsoft Word

Saving a Brochure

  • The brochure can be saved as a Word document to make changes later or you can export it as a PDF.
  • To change the format go to the section at the bottom of the save as screen and click on the dropdown menu.
  • You can now choose the format you would like to use.
Brochure template in Word

Once the brochure is created you can publish it on social platforms or share it with your contacts via mail. You can also print the brochure and have a hard copy for your reference or distribution.

How to make a brochure on Microsoft Word Office 365?

Office 365 is extremely convenient when it comes to official as well as personal projects. Here is how to create a brochure in Microsoft Word Office 365, using simple steps.

  • Open Word and start a fresh, empty document.
  • Set the page’s design means you will need to select the orientation (landscape or portrait) that best fits your brochure.
How to make a brochure on microsoft word office 365?
  • This can be done by clicking on the design option under the Layout tab.
Brochure in the office 365
  • If you feel the margins are too wide or narrow you can change them using the same menu.
  • Most brochures have columns, you can add or delete columns easily. From the options available select the Columns button under the Page Setup group.
Brochure in office 365
  • Select the number of columns that you need to use.
  • No brochure is complete without a cover page. To make a cover page click on the first page and start to make changes to the various sections by using the different formatting tools available.
  • Create sections by using page breaks or section breaks to divide the brochure into subsections. You can use page breaks to alter the structure and formatting of each part. Click Insert -> Page Break.
Page break in the Brochure
  • The final part of creating a brochure is to insert the content. This can be done by either copying content from another document or by using text boxes and typing in the information.
  • You can use headings, subheadings, and bullet points to organize material.
  • It is better to include photographs, charts, and other visual components to improve the brochure’s look.

Making a brochure visually Appealing

Here are the steps to make a brochure visually clear and appealing.

  • Text boxes are a great addition to brochures. You can insert text boxes to add text or images in certain places.
  • To insert a text box click on the Insert tab in the top ribbon of the document.
  • From the options choose “Text Box.”
  • Select the text box style you want, then place it where you want on the page. Format and resize the text box as necessary.
  • Other ways to make the brochure visually appealing are by using colors and fonts.
  • To change the fonts, font sizes, colors, and styles, use the formatting options on the “Home” tab.
How to make a brochure on microsoft word office 365?
  • Consistent formatting gives the brochure a polished and uniform appearance. You will also need to add page numbers. To add numbers to the document, select “Page Number” under the “Insert” tab.
How to make a brochure on microsoft word office 365?

Once the brochure is ready all you need to do is review it and print it or send it.

  • If you need to print the brochure click on “Print Layout” or “Reading View” to see how it will look printed.
  • Make any necessary edits.
  • Edit the text as required, then proofread it.
  • To prevent losing progress, regularly save your document.

Print or save as a PDF: Once you’re happy with your brochure, you can either print it off right away or choose “File” > “Save As” to save it as a PDF file.

Once the brochure is saved it can be sent via email. For this, all you need to do is log in to your mail id > draft and email and then attach the PDF. In most cases, you can drag and drop the PDF into the mail.

Benefits of Brochure in Word

Many professionals make brochures in Microsoft Word because it is inexpensive and easy to make. Word offers plenty of brochures that you can make visually appealing. Below are the major benefits of making brochures in Microsoft Word.

  • It will be helpful for presentations and events.
  • Sharing the customers about your new launch products.
  • Personalize the business materials.
  • Marketing efforts will improve.


This article took you through how to make a brochure on Microsoft Word Online. We looked at the different sections that can be added to the brochure. The article also explored the different sections that can be added along with the formatting tools that can be used.

Hope you found this article interesting and informative. check out similar tutorial articles here.