3 Ways to Insert Line in Word Online

This Word online article explains how to add a line in Word and three different ways to insert lines in Word online.

Also, we will see how to format lines in Microsoft Word online and insert horizontal and vertical lines in Word online with examples.

Additionally, I will explain how to add a line in Word online on Android and iOS devices.

How to Insert Line in Word Online

There are 3 different ways to add or insert lines in Word Online. Follow the below steps.

Method – 1 [Use Autoformat feature in Word Online]

You have to use your keyboard and use multiple characters to form a line. Since this is the easiest and fastest method to use.

  • Hyphens – —————————
  • Equal signs =>=======================
  • Underlines _ _______________________
  • Asterisks * -> ***********************
  • Hashtags -> #######################
  • Tildes -> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Add Lines in Microsoft Word

This is how you can line in Word Online.

Method – 2 [How to Draw Lines in Word]

To insert a line in Word all you need to do is follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Open the Word document and Go to the Insert tab.

Step 2: Select the Shapes option and click Lines.

Draw Lines in Word

Step 3: By using this + sign, you can draw the required line in Microsoft Word.

Draw Lines in Microsoft Word

Step 4: Drag the line size in the Word document by pulling the edge of the line.

Add Line in Word Online

Step 5: Save and Close the pop-up menu.

Note – You can also stretch or drag the line design based on your needs in Microsoft Word.

This is how you have to insert a line in Word Online.

Method -3 [How to Add and Format Lines in Word Online]

To format the line in Microsoft Word, make sure where the line you want to appear and what is the purpose of that line. Here is how to format a line in Word Online.

  • Click Insert and also click Drawing in the Word Online.
Insert Line in Word
  • Now, the Drawing page will appear. Under Shapes click Lines and choose the type of lines in Word.
Insert Line from Word Online
  • Draw the line and click Shape Outline. From there, you can choose the color of the line.
Line from the Mcrosoft Word Online
  • Shape Outline – This option changes the color of the line inserted. This depends on the type of document and specific requirements.
  • Changing Line Weight – Weight is nothing but the thickness of the line. The option is available under the shape outline menu. All you need to do is scroll down from the colors. the weight of the line ranges from 1/2 a point to 4 and a 1/2.
  • Dashes – Along with the weight, you can also change the type of line. This includes Solid, Round Dot, and Dash lines.

Once the formatting is done be sure to Save and Close the popup window or else all the changes made to the line will be lost.

Add Horizontal and Vertical Lines in Word

Follow the below steps to add horizontal and vertical lines in Microsoft Word.

  • Keep the cursor under the particular paragraph, point, or statement. Press the hyphen in the keyboard and hit enter, then you will get a horizontal line in Word.
Add Horizontal Line in Word Online
  • Another method you can do is, to click Borders under Home and click Bottom Border. By doing that, a horizontal line will be added to Word.
Add Line in Microsoft Word Online
  • To add a vertical line in Word, Click Layout-> Columns ->More Columns.
Add vertical line in Word
  • Here Columns page will appear and tick the check box Line between then click OK. Now, the vertical column will be added to the Word document.
Insert Vertical line in Word Online

Insert a Line in Word online on an Android Device

To insert a line in Word online follow these steps.

  • Open the document you would like to insert a line in the Word application on your Android device.
  • Click on the arrows near Home and it should open a menu.
  • Scroll to it and select Insert.
  • From there all you need to do is select Shapes.
How to insert a line in word online
  • On selecting the line option you can edit it from the options available. This includes changing the size, the color, etc.
How to insert a line in word online

By doing this, Line will be added to Microsoft Word Online from the Android application.

Insert a Line in Word Online on an iOS device

Follow these simple steps to insert a line on your iOS device in Word Online.

  • Open the document you would like to edit on either a browser or in the Word application
  • Click on edit.
  • Click on Insert.
  • You will now have a list of options, from those selected Shapes.
  • Choose the line option, it will show on the document.
  • Drag the ends to adjust the size.
  • You can edit the line using the options available in the menu below.
  • Once done click on the the check mark to save the changes made.


how do add a horizontal line in Word?

When it comes to adding a horizontal line in Word it is important to understand that the line option through slanting can be used horizontally or vertically or cross.
How to add a horizontal line in a World
Insert > shapes > Line
once the line is in the document you can move it around edit it and also be used to format the line in different ways.

How to insert multiple lines in Word?

In Word to add a line click on Insert > Shapes > Line
repeat this as many times as you desire.
along with adding multiple lines, you can also edit the lines change their appearance, and format them by the text around them.


From this, you have learned how to add or insert lines in Word online in different ways. Try from your end and see the changes whenever you want to give any important presentations.

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