How to insert a bookmark in word online

Microsoft Word is used for creating documents, reports, and manuscripts. Bookmarks is a functionality that allows you to mark specific locations within your document, making it easier to return to them later.

Whether you are creating a long report or a thesis, or want to organize your document efficiently, inserting bookmarks can make your work easier. In this Word tutorial, follow the simple procedure to add a bookmark in Microsoft Word.

Insert a Bookmark in Word Online.

Below are the steps to insert a bookmark in Word Online.

  • Login to Word online and open the Word document.
  • Keep the cursor, where you want to add the bookmark.
  • Click on Insert at the top of the document.
How to insert a bookmark in Word Online
  • From the options available click on the three dots on the three dots in the extreme right of the menu. You will have a dropdown menu.
How to insert a bookmark in Word Online
  • Select Bookmarks from the options.
How to insert a bookmark in Word Online

The bookmark dropdown menu has three options that users can choose from.

  • New Bookmark – By using this you can add a bookmark to the selected text in the document. You can also add a bookmark directly to the document by clicking and moving the cursor to where you would like the link to appear.
  • Recent links – This option lets you see all the bookmarks that have been added to the document. You will see a list of bookmarks added to the document.
  • Show on Document (with a check box) – By checking the box you will see the bookmarks added to the document while editing the document. Unchecking this option will hide all the bookmarks til users provide appropriate instructions.

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How do you show bookmarks in Word online?

Once you added the bookmarks, follow the below steps to see how to show bookmarks in Word Online.

  • Open the document and keep the cursor in the document to show the bookmarks.
How to edit bookmarks in Word for Mac?
  • You will see three dots on the right of the menu. click on the dots for more options.
  • From the list of options click on Bookmarks.
How to show bookmarks in Word online?
  • The bookmarks menu has the Show on Document option, if this option is checked, you will see all the bookmarks that have been added to the document.
How to edit bookmarks in Word for Mac?

To hide the bookmark, uncheck the checkbox box Show on Document.

How to Edit Bookmarks in Word?

Let’s see how to edit a bookmark that has been added to a Word document.

  • Start by selecting Bookmark from the Links group under the Insert tab.
  • Click on Insert in the top ribbon and then go to the Bookmark section.
  • Next, click Go To after selecting the desired bookmark.
  • By that time, you will see the bookmark texts available for choosing. Select Delete.
Delete Bookkmark in Word
  • Select Bookmark-> Select Go To Input Delete then type the name of a new.
  • Name the bookmark and click Add.
Bookmark in Microsoft Word
  • To display the field codes, press “Alt+ F9.”
  • To display field codes, press “Alt+ F9.”

How to rename bookmarks in Word?

Bookmarks will be helpful when you need to move from one topic to another in the document. Any bookmark added to the document can give a new name. Here is how you can rename a bookmark.

  • Select the bookmark you wish to rename, by right-clicking on it.
Edit Bookmarks in Microsoft Word
  • Now click on the bookmark. The bookmarks on that topic will open in a new Bookmark dialogue/popup window.
  • Click on the bookmark title that you would like to edit. Enter a new name for the bookmark in the ID (New bookmark) area and click OK.
Microsoft Word Edit Bookmarks

Now, the bookmark name will be changed in Microsoft Word.

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How to automatically create bookmarks in Word?

Automation is the best when you use a feature or command frequently. Here is how you can automatically create a bookmark in Word.

  • Highlight words in the glossary.
  • Bookmark the word highlighted.
  • With the bookmarked word highlighted, press Ctrl + C (for Windows) and Command + C (for Mac).
  • Open Find and Replace on Windows using Ctrl + H and Command + H for Mac.
  • You will need to add a word that you would want to find.

After you have added this word it’s time to replace it.

  • To replace a word click on the replace section
  • type ^c Click Find Next to find the first occurrence of the word. Select Yes when prompted to start at the beginning of the document.
  • For each instance of the word, choose to replace it.

Note that if you select Replace All, a link will be created if the word is found as part of another word.

  • Repeat this process for each glossary word. 

How to edit bookmarks in Word for Mac?

Here is how you can edit bookmarks in Word for Mac.

  • Open Microsoft Word on your Mac and a previously bookmarked document.
  • Find and click the Edit tab in the top ribbon of the document
  • In the Edit menu, hover over Find
  • When the menu appears, click on Move.
  • Under Go To, click the Bookmarks link.
  • In the dialog box that appears, search for “Enter bookmark name” and click the name of the bookmark you want to move.
  • Then click Go.

Finally, click Close to exit the window and go to your bookmarks


This article looked at how to insert a bookmark in Word Online. It also took you through the process of editing a bookmark that has been added to a document. Try from your side adding, renaming, and deleting the bookmarks in Microsoft Word.

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