Where is mailings tab in Word Online?

Mail merge is a mass mailing service that individualizes the mail according to recipients. These can include the name, address, and other details of individuals and can be added to the letter, envelope, or any other document you would like to send. This tutorial takes you through where is the mailings tab in Word Online.

The mailings tab in word online is located in the top ribbon of the document in the desktop version of Word. It is used to start a mail merge project. Simply click on the tab > go to Start mail merge > select the type > attach the recipient list.

Where is the mailings tab in Word Online?

To access the mailings tab in Word online you will need to use the desktop application. As Word online has only limited functions it does not have mailings. Mail merge is available on the older versions of Word as well. Here is how to set up a mail merge in Word.

  • Locate and open the document you would like to work with.
  • Start by clicking on Mailings in the top ribbon of the document
  • Click on Start Mail merge from the options. You will have a dropdown menu
Where is the mailings tab in Word Online?
  • The easiest way to do it is y clicking on Step-by-step Mail Merge Wizard. This option will take you through the entire process one step at a time.
  • Choose the type of document that you would like to work on by clicking on it. On most systems, you will have the list on the right of the screen.
  • Click on Next or start – You will have about 6 steps that you can follow along easily
Where is the mailings tab in Word Online?
  • In the next step, you can choose an existing template or create one from scratch.
  • If you choose Start from a template you will have a popup window
Where is the mailings tab in Word Online?
  • This window has all the templates saved on your system.
  • Click on the one you would like to use
  • Now click on OK

Add recipients to mail merge

Step 3 of the process deals with adding recipients to the document. You can either attach an existing list.

Where is the mailings tab in Word Online?
  • Select recipients
  • Once you have selected the option Click on Browse and you can look for the file on your computer.
  • Select the sheet and click on OK
  • Pay attention to the column headers as they need to be the same as those in your letter.
  • Click on Ok and you will see all the mail merge recipients on your screen.
  • Check them out and then click on OK

You can now make changes to the letter.

Once you start editing the letter you can add sections that the letter will pick up from the excel sheet.

Check all the information and the fields and then proceed to send the letter or the mail. The sending time may vary depending on the number of recipients.

Where is mailings in Word for Mac?

If you are using a Mac system you will most likely not see the mail merge wizard. So, where is the step-by-step mail merge wizard on mac? the answer to this is simple it exists here is how it’s done.

How do you do a Mail Merge step by step?
  • Click on the mailings tab in the top ribbon of the document
  • Go to the Start Mail Merge option
How do you do a Mail Merge step by step?
  • You will have a dropdown menu. Click on Email Messages
How do you do a Mail Merge step by step?
  • Now click on Select Recipients
How do you do a Mail Merge step by step?
  • Select Use an Existing list
  • Browse through the files on your computer and select the excel sheet that has the contact information
  • Click on Open
  • Compose the message or letter that you would like to send out
  • When you have the draft ready to use variables ( name, address, and other details) click on Insert Merge Field
  • Use column names that correspond to the excel sheet
  • The column name will appear in brackets (>> First_Name<< )
  • Go on to add variables to all the fields in your letter or mail
  • Click on Preview results

Outlook doesn’t add a signature to mail merge. You will need to add the signature to the document itself.

Does Mac Have Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard?

Mac does not have a guided wizard to help with mail merge. You can, however, create a template that can be used while sending out mass emails. Once you select the mail merge option you will need to specify the type of document you would like to send. Once that’s done all you need to do is choose the recipients.

Just substitute the fields that you would like to customize. Once all the fields are entered you can send out the mail.

So, even though there is no wizard or guide the mail merge process for mac remains straightforward and simple.

Merge to Email is greyed out

This is a common question, where you cannot see the mail merge option or you can see the option but it is grayed, out meaning you cannot click it. This is typically the problem when you have not logged in to outlook.

To complete a mail merge you need to have an email address that you have signed into and liked to the Word document. When you haven’t logged in to outlook there is no way to send out the email.

The solution to this is to create an outlook account or log in to your account and make it a default. If you are using office 365 you shouldn’t have an issue. Just log in to outlook and you will be able to send out mass emails.

So if you are wondering How do I enable mail merge? It’s simple just log in to your outlook account and then continue with the mail merge options.


This tutorial article took you through How do you do a Mail Merge step by step. It looked at how to mail merge in Windows as well as the process on Mac. On Windows systems, you have a step to step guide that makes things a little simpler.

This article also looked at the common problems users face while using mail merge.

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