Convert SNB file to Word Online

Are you aware of converting SNB files to Word online? Then this tutorial is for you to check how to convert an SNB file to Word.

SNB files are mainly for Samsung’s note-taking program. You can make notes using these programs and use them for reference. Continue reading to know more.

What is an SNB file?

An SNB file is a note created by the Samsung Note, an advanced note-taking application developed by Samsung for use with Samsung devices namely Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. It contains a note that includes text, video, and images.

Convert SNB file to Word Online

Here are the steps you can follow if you are looking to convert an SNB file to a Word Online document.

  • On your Samsung mobile, open Samsung Notes. You can see this menu on your home screen if you are using it frequently.
  • Search the SNB files that have to convert Word by scrolling through the list of files saved on your device.
  • Select the note’s content in the Samsung Notes that you want to convert. Select all the text or contents to convert fully. Use the ‘select all’ option while copying.
  • Once the text has been selected, search the Share or Export option.
  • Select the format you want to export the note in by tapping on the Share or Export button. Consider formats like RTF, TXT, or PDF as it is easier to convert text to Word Online using these formats.
  • Select the folder from the list and tap on Save. You can either keep the same name or change the name of the file to find it easily.
  • You can use Microsoft Word to open this file.

How to open an SNB file on a mobile device?

Check the below steps, on how to open a SNB file on a mobile device.

  • Unlock the phone and navigate to the app drawer or home screen.
How to open an SNB file on a mobile device?
  • The “Samsung Notes” app icon should be visible among other apps installed on your device. Typically, the logo is yellow and has a white pen or a yellow notebook.
  • To launch the “Samsung Notes” app, tap on it.
  • Your stored notes ought to be listed in the Samsung Notes app.
  • Find the SNB file you want to examine and tap on it to open it.

How to open SNB files on a Mac and Windows?

Follow the below steps when you are trying to open the SNB files on Windows or Mac computers.

  • By connecting with the USB cable, you can connect the Samsung device to your PC.
  • Open File Explorer in Windows or Finder on your Mac device. On all the devices, you will get a popup once the device is connected.
How to open SNB files on a Mac and Windows?
  • You can use the file explorer or finder to access your Samsung device. It should appear to be a piece of external storage.
  • On your Samsung mobile, go to the Samsung Notes folder.
  • Find the SNB file you want to open, then copy it to the hard drive of your computer.
  • Once the file is copied convert it to a TXT file or a PDF file. This will ensure that you will be able to open the file easily.
  • You can copy the contents and paste them onto Word Online.


It is important to note that depending on the Samsung Notes version and operating system you are running, the above instructions may differ significantly. Additionally, you can open the SNB file with a compatible program like Adobe Acrobat Reader or a text editor if you have exported it to another format (such as PDF, TXT, or RTF).

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